Top 5 Mattress Buying Tips


Here we would like to share with you some helpful information about investing in a better night’s sleep.

And we believe it all starts with the right mattress for your needs.

But before we can dive into the mattress buying tips, let’s talk about the underlying issue – sleep or lack thereof.

According to the Center for Disease Control, Americans are severely sleep challenged. 35% of Americans are getting less than seven hours of sleep per night and nine million Americans rely on prescription sleeping medications just to fall asleep.

I think we can all agree that these statistics are not surprising.

Have you ever considered that the mattress you’re sleeping on might be costing you precious hours of rest and rejuvenation?

When the time comes to invest into a better night’s sleep with a new mattress, keep in mind these tips.

I have five tips for you that you need to keep in mind next time you are buying mattress. See best rated mattresses.

Mattress Buying Tips


The first one is our weight to height ratio.

So when I’m buying a mattress, when I think about mattresses, I think about my body size and my body shape and then I go from there.

So I’m a 195 pounds and I am 75 inches tall. So 195 divided by 75 is 2.6. So a 2.6 pounds per inch.

So when I think about that, that’s about average.

Let’s say you are a 150 pounds and 75 inches. That is two pounds per inch. So that means they’re super lightweight and you have a really light surface area here. You’re gonna want a softer bed. Think of an all foam bed or a memory foam bed, something that’s like really neutral, like a Nectar bed.

Even the Puffy Lux is super nice and it is super soft and we think that would be great for a lighter person.

But if you are let’s say around 240 pounds and 75 inches. Let’s say you’re around 3 pounds per inch, you’re gonna want a hybrid beds. See many of the them at

Hybrid beds actually have coils and foam that’s why they call it hybrid. That’s gonna provide more push back for you, more support. It’s gonna last longer.

So think about that.

Are you around three pounds per inch, two pounds per inch or somewhere in the middle.

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Number two tip in my list is the bed has to be CertiPURE-US.

It is basically an organization and they certify foams to make sure there’s no harmful things like formaldehyde or certain types of off gassing because you don’t want to sleep on the bed that’s toxic for you. So just make sure that the bed has this green tag called CertiPURE-US.

It’s going to make things a lot easier for you as a consumer.

The third most important thing I think about when I’m buying a mattress is what is my main sleeping style.

Do I sleep on my side, on my stomach or my back?

If you sleep mostly primarily on your back, what you’re gonna want to do is have a firmer mattress, because I found that that’s just better for your lower back and spine stability.

If you sleep primarily though on your sides, you’re gonna want softer beds. Let’s say you’re two pounds per inch, and you sleep on your side, you’re gonna want the softest bed you can find.

But let’s say you’re around three pounds per inch and you sleep on your back, you’re definitely gonna want a firmer bed.

And if you sleep on your stomach, a lot of times you’re not gonna want to sink into the foam and have your back arched. It’s not gonna work.

You want a firm bed as well, maybe a hybrid if you sleep on your stomach.

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Number four in my list is you want to make sure the bed has a trial period and a warranty.

A lot of these beds have trial periods for one hundred and twenty days, a hundred days, a whole year if it’s the Nectar bed.

You want to make sure that you can try it, because it’s gonna be a lot less risk for you as a consumer.

Also you want to make sure the bed actually has a warranty. Most beds on Amazon they don’t really have warranties or they’re very limited warranties.

You might find a great deal in Amazon and that’s why I love Amazon, but you might not have a great warranty.

The bed might fail in five years and you might have to buy another one, which would be more expensive than just buying a more expensive bed early on.

So just think about that.

Does it have a warranty and does it have a trial period.

Tip number five if you’re looking for a cheaper bed, sometimes these cheaper beds that we found actually have fiber glass lining inside the mattress.

That’s not really good because you’re sleeping on fiber glass and you can’t take off the cover and if you do, you’ll get fiber glass everywhere.

So we would recommend just make sure your bed doesn’t have fiber glass.

But on the other end of that spectrum, we would say check out organic and natural beds. This is the way the industry is going. They’re using natural foams like latex foams, organic cotton and they’re using wool as a fire protectant instead of fiber glass so you can you can avoid all this altogether.

You check out natural and organic beds.